31 Ekim 2008 Cuma

michael franks özel programı

mütevazi ama mükemmel müziğin ustası, michael franks için özel program:
by dj-auro
1. samba da soho
2. popsicle toes (duet with diana krall)
3. the dream (featuring the yellow jackets - live)
4. monkey see monkey do
5. the lady wants to know
6. when i give my love to you (duet with brenda russel)
7. when the cookie jar is empty
8. loving you more and more
9. mr. blue (featuring david sanborn on alto sax)
10. tell me all about it (duet with laura fygi)
11. somehow our love survives (bozuk)
12. rainy night in tokyo
13. tiger in the rain
14. inside you
15. antonio's song

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